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Raynet Cup

Left to right - Arnold Matthews G3FZW, Bob Whelan G3PJT (RSGB President)
and Gordon Bannister Gi8SKR

At the RAYNET 50th Anniversary Emergency Communications Convention on Saturday 25 October 2003, The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Board awarded the RAYNET CUP to RAYNET NORTHERN IRELAND.

The presentation, as seen above, was made by Arnold Matthews G3FZW (who donated the cup in July 1962) and Bob Whelan G3PJT (RSGB President) to Gordon Bannister Gi8SKR on behalf of RAYNET N.I. Other members from RAYNET NI were in attendance.

Criteria for nomination
The CUP is awarded to an individual or a representative of a group considered to have provided services beyond the call of duty in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of RAYNET.

The reasons put forward in the nomination stated –
...that it is in recognition of the establishment of RAYNET in the province many years ago and its nurturing and progression during many difficult periods. It has also rendered assistance to its opposite number in the Republic of Ireland, AREN (Amateur Radio Emergency Network) on numerous occasions and also to Scottish RAYNET Groups, both in exercises and events.