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The Molten Salt Discussion Group (MSDG) has been actively involved in the field of high temperature molten salts and ionic liquids for over five decades. A brief history of the Group, and its contribution to molten salts and ionic liquids research, can be found here. The Group provides a network of experienced scientists to offer professional advice to other members and it actively encourages younger scientists working in the field of molten salts, whether high temperature or low.


Membership of the Group provides numerous benefits including access to key players in the field, reduced registration fees for students and first-time participants for all MSDG events, reduced subscription rates to "Molten Salts Ionic Liquids" (a European Molten Salt Publication) and access to MSDG bursaries for conference participation.


To join the MSDG, could RSC members please include MSDG as one of their subject interest group (which is free if you belong to no more than three groups). For non-RSC members interested in molten salts and ionic liquids, please navigate to MyRSC and register as instructed.


The Group holds three meetings every year, one in the summer, one just before Christmas and a dedicated Students Meeting: these meetings cover a wide range of non-aqueous chemistry including such topics as inorganic and organic molten salt chemistry, properties of ionic liquids, glass chemistry, molten and solid electrolyte fuel cell technology, battery applications, inorganic gas phase chemistry, geochemistry, electrochemistry, slags, metal refining, thermodynamics and chemical modeling.


In addition to these meetings, the MSDG provides communication, information-exchange and networking opportunities via the on line media.


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